The inception of Rogic marked a commitment to providing consumers with a distinct option: Jeans of exceptional quality at fair, transparent prices, without compromising on functionality. Their dedication to perfection and longevity is evident throughout their product line. At its core, Rogic identifies itself as a denim company, a sentiment that remains unchanging. Their unwavering dedication to craftsmanship encompasses every detail, from fit and washing techniques to the use of rope-dyed yarn and the significance of core-spun thread in denim production.

  • AgencyClovecode
  • RoleDesigning and Development
  • Year2018

Tools we used

  • html
  • css3
  • shoify
  • photoshop

Rendezvous with client

Our client, a renowned denim brand envisioned creating an online platform that would redefine the way customers engage with and purchase denim products. Their vision was clear: to establish a denim-focused website that was user friendly, visually appealing and that also helped attract customers and convert sales.

Soultions We Provided

We began by designing a website that paid homage to the art of denim-making. Every element, from the color scheme to the typography, was carefully selected to evoke the essence of craftsmanship and quality. We created a user-friendly interface with an intuitive navigation structure. Visitors could effortlessly browse the denim collection, explore customization options, and access detailed product information. To fulfill the client’s desire for customization, we developed a robust customization tool. This tool allowed customers to personalize their denim items, from choosing fits and washes to selecting stitching styles and hardware.



We successfully delivered a denim-focused website that exuded elegance and highlighted the craftsmanship behind every product. The website also featured a user-friendly customization tool, enabling customers to tailor their denim purchases to their preferences. In addition, the website offers an engaging and seamless user experience, with clear navigation and intuitive design.

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