Terra Luna

The Terra Luna collection, encompassing a range of shirts, tees, tunics, and shirt dresses, serves as an exquisite way to showcase your personal style. Whether dressing up for a special occasion or adopting a more casual look, these versatile pieces offer endless combinations that remain stylish no matter the mood, throughout the months and seasons. Crafted from either 100% organic cotton or pure linen, these garments blend classic aesthetics with contemporary sophistication, transcending the confines of the ever-changing fashion trends. Embracing sustainability as a core principle, Terra Luna encourages conscious consumption by offering enduring clothing options designed to stand the test of time.

  • AgencyClovecode
  • RoleDesigning and Development
  • Year2018

Tools we used

  • shoify

Rendezvous with client

Terra Luna, a visionary sustainable clothing brand, is dedicated to offering timeless fashion that reflects both style and a commitment to the environment. With a desire to reach a broader audience and make their sustainable clothing accessible to all, they sought to build a website that would not only showcase their eco-friendly collection but also provide users with a seamless and engaging experience.

Soultions We Provided

The primary goal was to create a website that made Terra Luna’s sustainable fashion collection accessible to a wider audience. The client aimed to make eco-conscious clothing choices a convenient and appealing option for shoppers. User-friendliness was paramount. The client wanted a website with intuitive navigation, enabling visitors to explore their range effortlessly and filter products according to their preferences. Terra Luna, with its focus on style and sustainability, wanted a website that reflected their brand’s ethos. Along with a visually appealing design the client also sought a fast loading site that would help drive more trafic.



We began by crafting a website design that echoed Terra Luna’s commitment to sustainability. The design incorporated earthy tones, eco-friendly imagery, and a layout that conveyed the brand’s mission effectively. To ensure easy navigation, we implemented clear menus, categorized products logically, and added intuitive filters. This allowed visitors to quickly find the products that aligned with their preferences. Collaborating closely with Terra Luna’s team, we integrated visually engaging elements, high-quality images, and a cohesive design that not only highlighted the clothing but also conveyed the brand’s eco-friendly values.

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