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KOA LIFE owes its inception to the dynamic entrepreneurial duo, Kymber and Alexis McClay, known in the industry as the Naven Twins. Their journey began with a shared struggle against adult acne and psoriasis, conditions that not only caused physical discomfort but also eroded their self-confidence. Determined to find a natural remedy that truly delivered results, Kymber and Alexis embarked on a path toward green, chemical-free skincare. Collaborating closely with medical professionals and research labs for over a year, they meticulously crafted nutrient-dense, all-natural formulas that not only healed their skin but laid the foundation for KOA LIFE.

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  • RoleDesigning and Development

Tools we used

  • JavaScript
  • shoify
  • photoshop
  • html

Rendezvous With The Client

Despite of carrying great quality and beautiful designs there is limited and constant sale. Client is really disappointed by not getting high rated custom engagement in his clothing brand. He wanted to enhance the sale and igniting customer’s interest in his amazing designs.

The primary goal was to create a website that harmonized with the brand’s commitment to natural beauty. The client wanted the website to be an extension of their ethos. User-friendliness was a top priority. The client aimed to provide visitors with an effortless and engaging experience, enabling them to explore products and information with ease. Given Kymber’s background in beauty and design, the client sought a website that was not only functional but also visually stunning, captivating visitors from the moment they arrived. The website needed to effectively showcase KOA LIFE’s product range, providing comprehensive information to help customers make informed choices.

Solutions we Provided

We began by designing a website that exuded the natural beauty and simplicity that KOA LIFE stood for. The design language was carefully crafted to convey the brand’s commitment to clean, chemical-free skincare. To ensure a seamless user experience, we developed an intuitive navigation structure and clear menus. Visitors could easily browse products, access information, and engage with the brand’s mission. Collaborating closely with Kymber, we integrated visually appealing elements that enhanced the website’s overall aesthetics. In addition, high-quality imagery and design elements created a captivating digital presence. The product pages were designed to provide in-depth information about each skincare solution, helping customers make informed decisions about their purchases.



The website effectively mirrored KOA LIFE’s commitment to natural beauty, encapsulating the essence of the brand’s mission. The intuitive navigation and user-centric design ensured that visitors enjoyed a seamless and engaging experience while exploring products and information. The website’s design incorporated visually engaging elements, captivating visitors and reinforcing the brand’s commitment to aesthetics. Product pages provided comprehensive information about each skincare solution, helping customers to make the right purchase. The visually stunning design elements created a captivating digital presence, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the website.

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