eCommerce Trends during COVID19 Pandemic

eCommerce Trends during COVID19 Pandemic

Global pandemic COVID-19 has an utter impact on all sizes of businesses. Lockdown has limited the ways for brick and mortar retail spaces. Businesses need to take quick decisions on how they have to adapt in the current scenario in order to survive and grow. Shopify and other eCommerce platforms help the merchants to access their customers directly. Shopify website development services offer tremendous assistance to merchants as well as customers to sell and buy the products through different channels and by implicating several transaction options. Shopify’s e-commerce platform has been helping all sizes of brands, resulting in more sales and enhanced revenue. To combat COVID-19, businesses need competitive platforms with efficient features and great functionality. Let us have a look at E-commerce trends during the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Omnichannel compatibility

In COVID-19 pandemic has cornered the entire world in homes. Customers do not have any accessibility to social media. They are connected to the world through a handheld device. likewise, merchants across the world came to know about the importance of presenting their brand on a global platform. A multichannel selling strategy is essential to survive in the year of pandemic and afterward.

2. Interaction

The customer is king, he can break or make your business. Shopify website designers and web developers create custom friendly website that really assists customers to take any decision regarding products and services. Shopify platform delivers accessibility to send your products directly to customer’s hands without involving any middle man. Moreover, customers can directly interact with you and can share their issues and experiences. Direct communication with customers enables them to rely on your brands. they can communicate about delayed shipping, transaction issues or any other important information. Shopify expert services delivers better customer experience by creating trustworthy marketplace for their needs.

3. Automated technology

Integration of AI, real time conversation with customers and the introduction of chatbot is a worth investment in the businesses. There is need to stay in contact with the customers through direct communication so that products info can be delivered efficiently. A chatbot is very helpful to assist the customers to take the purchasing decisions. More over relying on chatbot and real-time conversation enables the customers to stay confident band secured throughout their buying journey.

4. Real time experience

Expert Shopify web development and designing services deliver your customers a safe and reliable way to look and experience the products before purchasing. Every information about the products and services is given in content. Moreover, customers can also view the reviews of other customers who have already purchased a specific product. So, by practicing right social distancing you can sell your products world-wide.

5. Subscription services

Subscriptions have made things lot easier and accessible to the customers. they can get what they exactly need including grocery, cosmetic, toiletries, clothing and many more. Customers can get everything at their home without taking any risk of exposure to COVID-19.

6. Secure and diversified payment options

Shopify platform assists the customers by providing diversified safe and secure payment gateway to the customers. They can pay according to their will and affordability. Flexible payment options as well as loyalty rewards make them feel safe and comfortable. Diversified payment options enhance customers’ experience.

7. App integration

Shopify platform has plenty of features still it is compatible for several apps, which can enhance the performance of your website. Incorporating efficient apps and features can increase the sales and enhance the revenue of the business by delivering outstanding customer experience. This integration of advanced technology is the reason to prevent the downtime of E-commerce industry. You can restart your business with more potency and efficiency in less investment.

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