How Secure is Shopify Ecommerce Platform?

How Secure is Shopify Ecommerce Platform?

Are you in a dilemma to choose the best eCommerce platform for your budding business? In the eCommerce industry, if you want to be a pioneer, you have to be competitor and customer-focused. Delivering customer’s best experience is not the responsibility of just a solo department but every aspect of the entire company should be improved for a better customer experience. The huge benefit of eCommerce is not only that you can spread your voice throughout the globe but a perfect communication with the customers. With the help of feedback, rating, and reviews you can bring essential changes to your business system. For better communication, you must have a trustworthy platform that can protect data regarding visitors entering your store. An unsecured business website increases bounce rate while a secured website compels the visitors to explore more in your store. Shopify eCommerce platform is the most popular to build an online store, and the reason behind its popularity is reliability, security, flexibility, and countless features. 

While initiating an online business eCommerce has to face the following security challenges:


· Customer’s info:

As customers visit your online store, they have to go through several steps like entering their name, email ID, password, address, etc. This data is very personal information of your customers. It is crucial to keep this information safe from hackers. For the security of the customers, every country of the world has implemented data protection laws and as a business owner, you must follow these laws for the safety of the customers. 


· Credit and Debit Card info:

Customers pay for their purchased products by entering info about their credit or debit cards. This is highly sensitive data, which needs to be protected through a highly secured server transaction. A secured business website indeed delivers great results. Search Engines support only secure websites, moreover, customers definitely choose the secured platform to shop. A secured transaction channel builds your reputation and brings conversions, on the other hand, customers hesitate to visit an unsecured website. Stolen credit card information can leave your customers bankrupt and they will never visit your site again. 


· Protection from fraudulency

Data security is also vital for your own business. Building an online store on a reliable and secured platform protects your business information from being misused. Hackers and your rivals can use your information in several ways. A fraud analysis system easily protects your system and store information from getting leaked. 


Let us see how secure is Shopify eCommerce platform to tackle these challenges:


Shopify stores are equipped with SSL certificates. This is the most reliable possession of a website, which is easy to avail even for a lifetime. If you have an SSL certificate your customers can fearlessly visit your store and purchase products. 


Every Shopify store receives a developer to support all the time so that any security regarding issues can be resolved in moments. 


Shopify fulfils all the security standards and delivers a safe and secured platform for shoppers to shop unlimitedly. Shopify website developers regularly monitor and test the network system of the store and protect cardholders’ data. Shopify complies with all payment card industry security standards. 

Shopify is a reputed eCommerce platform that provides a secure and safe way for business owners to get scalable growth. High-security standards of the server system allow you to sell any product in a stress-free way. 

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