Shopify Giveaway Ideas You Can Use Today

Shopify Giveaway Ideas You Can Use Today

Shopify Giveaway Ideas You Can Use Today

Shopify is an enriched platform that offers countless features and great functionality to an eCommerce store. It is a full-service platform that promotes the brand and executes a business in no time and with fewer efforts. Nowadays numerous businesses are running on a global platform intending to achieve maximum visibility and to provide a great experience to customers. Shopify giveaway ideas are the key components of a powerful marketing strategy. Giveaways increase sales by impacting your business in the following ways:

  • Engaging visitors: 

Generally, giveaways contain a few to several steps to enter, it keeps visitors engaging at your site. It is a good investment deal from your visitor’s side. It also gives an idea about your potential customers.

  • Brand awareness:

Shopify giveaway is a productive way for brand awareness. If your offer excites your customers, they will surely share it through social media platforms.

  • Gaining loyalty:

Giveaways and content build your brand loyalty, which is the ultimate solution for your business growth. These giveaways work incredibly in grabbing the attention of new and existing customers, which brings a great transformation in business. Giveaways always interest and drive customers, so look at these fantastic Shopify giveaways:

  • Know your customers 

Your captivating Shopify online store gravitates visitors, while an insightful strategy turns them into permanent customers. For that, it is most important to know your customer’s wants. Customers’ feedback is an effective way to improve your giveaways as it gives an idea about the products they are using and what else they are expecting from it.

  • Promotional products for free

Who does not want to get everyday items for free? Giving your customers gifts that they can use is an effective promotional move. Bags, mugs, T-shirts, caps, and stationery with the brand’s name are practical items that can enchant customers and also attracts more customers to your shopping store.

  • Discount coupons

No one can resist a discount offer. Creating content on social media platforms is an excellent idea to invite customers to sign in and win. Discount coupons are engaging and exciting for customers. They will surely visit your site and go through your products list.

  • Giveaway apps

There are several giveaway apps and plugins to integrate on the Shopify eCommerce platform. These apps like a spin wheel, gift box, happy birthday email, quiz deal, and active cart gift purchase, etc. All these apps enable your Shopify store to gain the attention and loyalty of customers.

  • Festive sales

Shopify allows web designers and website developers to add customized themes to an eCommerce platform. In this way, you can make online retail and social media platforms festive theme-based. Festive banners, landing pages, festive sales themes are the different ways to make your customers aware of sale schemes. Festive sale is a happening giveaway for your customers that also adds extra value to your online store. Customers availing of these festive sales offers also explore your store for other products.

  • Responsive eCommerce site

These days mobile phones are extensively used by customers for online shopping. Shopify is a mobile responsive platform. Your online store will look equally good and works efficiently on mobile phones also. A responsive website enhances customers’ experience.

  • Easy navigation

Shopify eCommerce makes your website easy to navigate. Customers love to visit online shopping stores which are accessible and simpler to operate. A call-to-action feature enables them to purchase without clicking back on your store. Easy and fast browsing has an excellent impact on the conversion rate of customers.

  • Personalization

It works amazingly in driving a sale. Giving a personalized touch to festive gifts makes your customers happy. Personalized gifts with names, notes, or sweet messages add value to your brand and enhance customers’ experience. Shopify is a fully hosted platform that executes and sustains your business website with regular updates and upgrades. Shopify experts can customize and optimize eCommerce stores to get a higher rank on search engines. Giveaway apps and plugins are easy to integrate on Shopify stores.


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