Top Trends in Web Design and Development Services

Top Trends in Web Design and Development Services

The eCommerce market is emerging as a competitive platform, so it is time to embrace the latest technology and techniques in order to stay competitive. These technologies and trends help to budding online businesses to grow by reaching a maximum audience and never lose them. You have to implicate a unique strategy along with innovative technology to outgrow your eCommerce business. Shopify allows web developers and designers to foresee the latest trend and get adapted to them in a smarter way. Let us see the emerging trends in web development services. 

  • Use of chatbot

Incoming digital era chatbots will work in an advanced way by improving self-learning to interact with users and understand their behaviour in a better way, thus providing a better customer experience. A chatbot is a reliable customer support system that works round the clock and assists customers throughout their shopping journey. A chatbot is a winning factor that provides great convenience to customers on your board. 

  • Blockchain technology to boost security system

Blockchain has made revolutionary changes in the web industry. This technology boosts security to another level of perfection and reliability. Bitcoin is emerging as the most secured technology trend from the security point of view. As security is the most vital component of web development, this is the reason blockchain technology is entering the digital world with a boom.

  • Push notification

An integrated push notification feature on the website can enhance the visibility of your website to a large audience. Push notification is influencing service to gravitate, customers, as it makes the customers aware of the alluring discount offers and activities of their use. Push notification helps you to achieve top-line growth.

  • Fast browsing website

Although dynamic websites are surpassing static ones nothing can overshadow fast browsing websites. Where dynamic websites take time to load on the other hand static websites brows quickly and more efficiently. A static website is a great choice from an economic point of view also. You can enhance the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate of your site by amplifying the speed factor.

  • AMP Development

AMP refers to the optimized pages which have simple and convenient designs. these operate fast and deliver a user-friendly experience with a good readability factor. It will reach users by cutting UX costs. Thus, it is an economical solution for web development. Optimized pages subject your website to high ranking in the Google algorithm.

  • Voice Search Function

Less text and more voice are win-win factors in emerging Shopify eCommerce web development trends. Shopify eCommerce platform supports this amazing and highly convenient feature. Customers like to save time by giving voice commands rather than typing long texts. It is also useful for elderly people who do not have fine vision. They can give voice commands to execute certain operations without typing texts.

  • Innovative designs

A beautifully looking website can appeal to many users. It is a part of a strong marketing strategy. Motion user interface designs are highly popular to give immense experience to users. These designs are in great demand and are acceptable for all devices. Through motion UI designs a crisp clear factor can e brought in an entire website that conceivably defines every feature. These designs are responsive to be used in mobile devices. 

  • Automated testing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are aimed to create cheaper and user-friendly web development processes. These approaches enable web developers to create complicated projects at less cost. Automated testing is flawless and it can bring better testing coverage. It can do accurate and reliable testing and tech issue detection in the website development process. It also reduces the cost of manhandling. Thus, emerging as a cheaper alternative trend in website developmentDeveloping a motivating and inspiring website needs innovation and an understanding of business objectives. To outshine in eCommerce businesses, it is crucial to stay tuned to the latest technology and changing trends in digital marketing services. CloveCode is an eminent Shopify web development and Shopify web design company with a dedicated team of brilliant shopify website developers and web designers, that enable you to achieve business goals through highly competitive and appealing business website.